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WeType is an ISO 27001-accredited online transcription service

Instant access to highly experienced UK typists

Open an account online and set up multiple users instantly

Download free VoiceMaster App to Apple or Android

Start recording and send directly from phone

File transfer is password-encrypted  and complies with GDPR

No fixed fee- No hidden cost

No minimum monthly spend

Encrypted file transfer at every stage

Use WeType.UK whenever you need it

Full integration with voicefile, workflow and document management systems

  • Digital dictated sound files are submitted direct from PC or mobile using VoiceMaster app

    Use the WeType VoiceMaster app to record safely and securely using Apple or Android

  • This can then be typed into your own template or directly into your own record system - e.g. DGL or Quest

    Your voice file will be typed into a Word document or client template. Alternatively, it can be typed directly into your own program.

  • WeType offers a realistic flexible outsourced alternative to the fixed cost of an in-house typist

    Each dictator will have their own dedicated typist who will process their voice files at least 80% of the time. That typist will have good, all round typing experience, as well as specific specialty experience.

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