Dictation Master is a bespoke piece of software designed in-house by WeType.

It is fully GDPR-compliant (full technical details and security levels are available on request).

DictationMaster allows you to submit and access voice files and documents online safely and securely. Used in conjunction with WeType VoiceMaster, the mobile dictation app for Apple and Android, it provides a seamless typing solution.


Why use DictationMaster software for sending dictation?

If you’re new to WeType and haven’t yet used our systems and you’re currently using a dictaphone to dictate letters and correspondence, you have to have a way of getting it to the transcription typists.

This might typically mean that you have to plug your dictaphone into a PC or laptop, open a file, and then attach it to an email which you then have to send off to the transcription typists.

It’s a clunky process, and there is the potential for data being lost or even hacked.

For instance, if your dictaphone doesn’t have encryption, and your dictaphone is lost of left in an office or consulting room, you run the risk of a data breach.

Similarly, if you’re not using email encryptions to send your recordings of sensitive, it’s unsafe. Wouldn’t it be far easier to use a system that both records and sends seamlessly and safely from your smartphone, with without all those leads and devices?


The DictationMaster software can also integrate smoothly with your existing software document management systems.

It’s easy to add in additional password security with the app from the client Profile page on  DictationMaster.

When the typing’s all done, DictationMaster can then email completed work back to your designated email address in a highly encrypted format which is GDPR-compliant.


So, whether you want the work transcribed directly into your notes, or simply emailed to you, you know your data’s safe from end-to-end.

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