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If you’re a busy clinician or you work in the medical sector, getting clinic notes, letters and medico-legal documents done and dusted is vital to the running of your practice. Typing those documents isn’t something you should be doing.

In handing it over to someone else, you need to ensure that the transcription is accurate (so you don’t waste time with corrections), the turnaround time is swift, it’s a GDPR-secure and really easy process to use, and it’s highly cost-effective.

We get it. That’s why we founded WeType.

We provide transcription services for clinicians because we’re experts in clinical transcription.

Tracy Cole WeType Founder and Director

Tracy Cole: We Type Founder and Director

Tracy has extensive senior secretarial experience, having worked in London for 10 years, with a good understanding of what makes a first-class secretary/typist.  When returning to her native Norfolk, and with few interesting opportunities available, Tracy joined a small internet company.

In 2016, with 12 years of online transcription experience, Tracy was ready for a new challenge and started WeType, providing a bespoke transcription service to UK medical practitioners.

Tracy continues to have a hands-on role and is involved with every aspect of the business. She has built a loyal and hardworking team who deliver the quality service her clients deserve.

When she is not working Tracy enjoys time with her family and friends, gardening and the odd glass of gin!

Viv Manning: We Type Account Manager

Viv started her medical secretarial career working in a GP Practice where she gained a good grounding in medical terminology and an understanding of healthcare processes.  With a young family to fit around, she spent some time working from home for an online transcription company, gaining further experience of different specialties, before eventually joining the medical secretarial team in her local NHS hospital in a full-time role.

Viv worked with Tracy years ago and they have remained firm friends since, so when Tracy told her that WeType was expanding rapidly and she needed another pair of hands to help manage the workload, Viv jumped at the chance to take on such an exciting and challenging role.  An added bonus was the modern and airy office space at WeType HQ – a far cry from the dingy hospital office with its ‘scenic’ view of a brick wall.

In her spare time, Viv is something of a fitness fanatic, enjoying cycling, weight training and spin classes.  She is also an avid reader with a particular penchant for obscure translated literature.

Viv Manning Account Manager WeType

Richard Phillips: We Type Business Development Director

• Set up and developed an internet secretarial support service company
• More than 16 years’ experience of Digital Voice transcription and outsourcing of typing in UK and European markets
• Particular focus on and knowledge in medical, medico-legal and property sectors.
• Fully conversant with all aspects of the rolling out of an outsourced typing operation.
• Comprehensive IT hardware and software background
• Clear understanding of client software systems and best integration methods
• Track record of successful outsourced rollouts with large organisations
• CEO with financial and administrative responsibilities
• Specialist development of mobile recording software architecture

We Type Does…

  • assess every typist application on its merits
  • assess every typist application on its merits
  • realise that technology is designed to help, not replace, human beings ensure that each client is suited to our services
  • Complies with all aspects of GDPR

We Type Does Not…

  • use your personal details for sales purposes
  • Practice ageism, sexism or religious discrimination
  • Exploit the weak and disadvantaged
  • Make cold-calls or employ aggressive marketing tactics

Our Philosophy

The founders of WeType have been working in the industry since the beginning and have a wealth of experience of how to make outsourcing work. We have been building and running transcription departments in the medical and property sectors for more than 15 years. We have put together a highly professional group of individuals and created a successful team of typists, backed up with the very best in IT development, support and finance.

This knowledge base was used to create a business that would avoid the mistakes of the past whilst creating a company of the future, one ready for GDPR and other challenges to come. A combination of basic common sense and high personal values were applied to sound business principles…and a new company was born.

WeType does not use any typing companies overseas. We are a British company operating under British law. Our typists have first-hand experience of the British medical system and property markets. This invaluable knowledge and insight allows WeType to maintain the high level of accuracy and quality of work required by our clients. A suitable financial compensation is paid to our database of highly skilled secretaries to reward this first-hand experience.

Making Sense of Dictation is a statement of belief at WeType. A strong moral and ethical stance is maintained through all stages of the business, from initial typist applications to final delivery of completed work. All data is encrypted and fully-compliant with GDPR.

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