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Digital Voice File Transcription

Send a digital voice file and a WeType typist will transcribe it into a Word template supplied by you. Single voice dictation is charged at £1.15 per minute.

Alternatively, this can be typed directly into your own record system which we can access via web browser or VPN.

We can start work for you as soon as the New Client Application Form is completed.

If you have an immediate/urgent need for assistance with your typing, WeType can help.

Focus Group And Interviews

WeType have a dedicated team of typists with extensive experience of transcribing complex multiple voice recordings.

WeType can offer you a fast, accurate and professional transcript for all your needs.

Copy Typing And Reports

Scan and send documents to WeType for copy typing.

We can create new documents from old and work in existing ones.

We can also help you complete documents, reports, interviews, letters, clinic letters, notes, etc.

Anything an in-house secretary can do, we can replicate. Almost…
(We cannot make the tea yet!)

Single Point Of Contact

Each client has their own WeType Account Manager.

Your Account Manager will gain a better understanding of your practice and requirements and then identify a suitable typist to meet your needs.

User Flexibility

You can use the WeType service as much or as little as you need, so it is ideal to free up your in-house team to concentrate on other tasks, or if you have seasonal peaks or just require holiday cover.

Whether you have 1 or 1000 dictators, the WeType client interface is easy to use and offers secure, reliable, professional and accurate service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Tailor-Made Services

WeType can customise our service to meet your needs.

Workflow of voice files can be linked to patient records.

WeType will review and offer suggestions for improvement of your templates.

WeType DictationManager can be modified to streamline the process for individuals.

Fully Archived Service

All voice files and completed template work will be stored for 30 days.

Your client folder is password protected and offers additional data reporting.

WeType provide a complete breakdown of usage by practice, dictator, date, length of recording.

Monthly invoices will detail cost of each voice file.

Dedicated Typist

Each dictator will have their own dedicated typist who will process their voice files at least 80% of the time.

That typist will have good, all round medical typing experience, as well as specific specialty experience.

Your WeType Account Manager will liaise with you and the typist closely to ensure that the typing meets your expectations and our high standards.

Security And Confidentiality

Security is paramount at WeType and we have robust “banking industry standard” systems in place.

All staff and typists have signed confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure documents prior to working with WeType and have completed the IT Governance course with associated certificate.

If required, in addition to this WeType and the typist would be willing to sign client-specific NDAs.